Why Use Global Baggage?

Whether you have excess baggage or travel with sports gear; whether you are visiting a trade exhibition for business or are seeking a hassle-free holiday; whether you are immigrating, relocating or returning to university; whether you are an individual, a group or club: Global Baggage offers you convenience and excellent customer service at highly competitive prices.

What are the benefits?

Think of Global Baggage as a butler, travel agent and porter for your baggage. We take away the stress and save you money! When travelling for business, leisure or as a student using Global Baggage brings you a host of benefits:

  • Avoid high excess baggage fees
  • Avoid long check-in queues
  • Enjoy hands and hassle-free travel
  • Avoid waiting at the baggage reclaim area
  • No weight restrictions for your bags
  • Bring along gear and equipment that your airline will not check-in

Why us?

There are plenty of reasons to opt for Global Baggage:

  • Global Baggage offers highly competitive rates and is less expensive than any international courier company such as DHL, TNT or UPS.
  • Our team of experienced airfreight industry professional offers excellent customer service and understands your needs. Airfreight is what we do!
  • Our international network of reputable airline and agent partners guarantees that your shipment will travel seamlessly